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I'm not a Sadistic Soul
Places to go when you are done here
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Ok, so if you're like me you're addicted to the internet.  I can spend tons of hours doing nothing online.  Just the rush of knowing that all the information in the world is acsessible on my fingertips, makes me excited.
Here are som sites to check out when you're done here

That site is good for making your own online blog.  It's easy to access and there are tons of communities you can join or you can knock yourself out making your journal as rad as possible.
Into punk rock music?  This site is excellent for reviews of music...and just about everything else.  Come to chuckle.
You like books and movies?  Check out this site where fans like you write about their fav movies, books, and tv shows. 
Check out my favorite author.
Internet movie database.  Excellent for looking up your favorite actors, movies, or directors.
This is a site of a good friend of mine, Holly!  She is as rad as aviators.